Carpe Diem; seize the day

-Robin Williams

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I’d like to take a moment of silence for this man.He taught us the phrase “Carpe Diem.” Seize the day for you never know what tomorrow may bring. Robin Williams, a beloved soul who left this world a little too soon. He will be remembered, always, especially as the only man to dress like a woman and pie himself in the face. 


If you haven’t heard of this site yet, google it. Seriously. It’s awesome. I just got a box of free beauty items all because I joined and reviewed products that I already used.

I got free Pure Leaf Iced Tea and Soft Lips Cube Chapstick for going online. How sweet is that?!

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New Pocahontas tee from Target! Thanks to @whitleeeeeyg for the pic! #disney #pocahontas #target
When no one answers my text